A really handy quick guide to Landlord Law: http://www.rightmove.co.uk/news/guide-to-landlord-law
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Our Tenant Promises

1. We will always be on time for viewings:

We allow staff plenty of time to make your viewing appointment. If there's a delay due to unforeseen circumstances we'll always call you to give you the option of a delay or a reschedule at a time that suits you.

2. Up front and clear pricing:

Our pricing has nothing hidden, no extras, no surprises and currently no VAT. All of our fees and charges are made available on our website and in our information for tenants pack. This gives you a true and clear picture of the amount of money you will need upfront before you move into the house (e.g. referencing fee, deposit, and legal and admin fee) as well as any fees that may apply for contract renewal. We aim to ensure our tenants are fully aware of any fees they will need to pay.

3. Safety Compliant:

All of our properties go through stringent industry safety tests and if they fail, we do not bring them to market. We ensure landlords have up to date gas safety checks and PAT testing where required along with fire resistant furniture if provided.

4. Regular communication and inspections:

We always try to build good working relationships with our tenants. The periodic inspections are an opportunity for you to let us know how you feel about your home and if there's anything more we can be doing to keep you happy or any work that is required to keep the house in working order.

5. No surprise visits:

Your rented property is your home and as such, we want to leave you to peaceful enjoyment at all times. When we do need to visit the property we will do so at a time agreed with you and with minimum 24 hours notice (apart from emergencies, of course).

6. Same day response on maintenance issues:

No matter what time of the day you can always call us with a maintenance issue and we will respond to you. If you leave a message or email us we will come back to you ASAP to schedule an engineer's visits for a time that suits you.

7. Happy Check:

Every now and then we'll ask you how happy you are in your property and with our service to you. Sometimes you might think an issue is too small to mention but we want to know anything that is stopping you being completely delighted in your home or anything we as a company can improve on.

8. Advice on leaving the property:

We want your deposit to be returned to you in full wherever possible. Your deposit is your money. We visit the house in the weeks before you vacate to help provide advice on any areas that may need touching up or work done before you leave to help reduce any deposit deductions. We will also provide you with a check out pack to fully explain what will be required on you exit from the property.

9. We aim to provide a swift return of deposits:

A tenant's deposit is a liability to our business and thus we want these returned to you ASAP. Once we have carried out the final inspection, cleared all utilities and agreed the exit with the landlord, we'll get the deposit back to you straight away.

10. Speedy references:

We will be sad to see you leave us to move to a new home. However we understand that as personal circumstances change or families grow people need to move home. We will reply within 24 hours to any reference request to ensure your next move is as easy for you as possible.