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Changes to Council Tax in Wiltshire


Changes to Council Tax in Wiltshire

From 1st April 2016 there are new changes coming into place regarding empty properties and council tax in Wiltshire.

AT PRESENT the following rules apply to empty (unoccupied and unfurnished) properties:-

1. Properties that require structural repair can be awarded a 3 month discount from council tax followed by a 9 month 50% discount after which a full charge would be applicable. This is known as a Class D discount.

2. Properties that are unfurnished and unoccupied can be awarded a discount for 3 months after which a 50% discount would apply for a further 3 months then the full charge would be applicable. This is a class C discount.

However from 1st April 2016 these discounts will no longer be awarded on empty or unoccupied properties unless they are owned and let by a registered charity for charitable purposes.

The result for landlords in the Wiltshire catchment area is that you will now be fully responsible for the council tax of a property that you own once a tenant moves out.

For further information please see www.wiltshire.gov.uk.

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