A really handy quick guide to Landlord Law: http://www.rightmove.co.uk/news/guide-to-landlord-law
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Our Landlord Promises

For extra peace of mind and to confirm that we will do all of the things that we say we will do we make the following nine promises to each and every one of our Landlords:

1. Up front and clear pricing:

Our pricing has nothing hidden, no extras, no surprises and currently no VAT. All of our fees and charges are made available in our Landlord Information Pack. This gives you a true and clear picture of the financial position of your investment.

2. No added charges:

We do not add on any extra charges to invoices from contractors nor do we take a commission from them. Meaning that what a contractor charges is exactly what you as the Landlord pay! All invoices are copied to the Landlord helping to ensure trust and good relationships.

3. Rents paid the same day we have them cleared in our bank:

It's your rent money, not ours. This will help you manage any outgoings and mortgage payments on the investment.

4. Statements:

As well as a monthly statement, we can provide an annual profit & loss position on all of your properties. This will provide you with vital information on your investment returns. Furthermore we will give you an indication of what overheads you may be able to offset against your income on your Annual Tax Return.

5. Viewing times to suit tenants and not office opening hours:

We do viewings Mon-Sun, 8am-8pm wherever possible. This ensures we will always get interested tenants through your door and you don't miss out on great tenants as they cannot take time off work to view a property.

6. Trained Staff:

We want to offer the very best service that we can and strongly feel that good training leads to excellent service. All of our team have completed qualifications recognised by the Association of Residential Lettings Agents and regularly attend external courses to ensure that we are up to date with all the legal regulations and laws required by a Landlord. This gives you peace of mind that your property is in safe hands. It also ensures we are always able to give you up to date expert advice on the market, rental values, and any legal aspects which may arise.

7. An actual money back guarantee!

We will back up all of our promises with hard cash. If you ever find that we have failed to follow through on a commitment or promise, let us know and we'll manage your next month for free. Note the lack of asterisk and small print!

8. Easy In, Easy Out:

We really want happy delighted Landlords. We work hard to build up good relationships with Landlords and to earn their trust. We strive to offer the very best of service in our field. As standard our notice period is 2 months, however if we fail to fulfil our commitment to you we will not hold you to your two month notice period. This ensures we're always motivated to provide you with the service that we have promised.

9. Every Landlord is equally important to us.

Whether you have 1 house or 100 we will always manage your investment to the best of our ability. If your rental property was previously your home we understand how you can have an emotional connection and will always endeavour to find a tenant who loves the house as much as you do and will look after it for you.